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Review: George Ledyard Seminar at Shindai

Posted 2005-06-22 17:13:40 by Todd Jones

George Ledyard taught an inspired seminar in Orlando this past weekend at Dennis Hooker's Shindai dojo. If you have read George's recent essay "The Progression of Aikido Technique from Basic to Advanced" you have an inkling of the material covered. If you haven't read the article yet, let me encourage you to do so; you won't be wasting your time. Moreover, should you have opportunity to host or attend one of Ledyard Sensei's seminars in the future, it only gets better. George is articulate and humorous in the way he explains technique. He is likewise clear and precise in his physical demonstration, making it easy for everyone to follow along. Most importantly, he walked the attendees through a developmentally sound series of exercises that allowed even the beginners to get a glimpse of some pretty high level waza.

Todd Jones

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