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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

As an infantrymen, I certainly share and understand Dave's position. I too am somewhat sensitive to the use/misuse of the word "combat". Not from a personal standpoint, but from the inferred meaning that it represents.

I can understand the paradigm that Mr Delucia is creating through the use of the word and have no problem with it.

Where the use of the word becomes a sore point with me, and I believe with Dave, is the way it is used by many. I am always posting on aikiweb in response to people who talk about something being "combat effective". I always ask, "what do you mean by that?"

The point is that most people I believe are trying to make is "economy" or efficient. To me "combat effective" means as how Dave defines it. No rules, someone dies. It is not pretty, nor does it necessarily follow rules of ettiquette as is observed in budo.

We all like to think that we the empty hand arts we study make us "combat effecitve", but the truth of the matter is, there is much more to being "combat effective" than studying empty hand arts.

The point is, I think you really need to think on a personal level about the words we use, and the meanings, and emotions they create inside of us. To me, the words "combat effective" used in empty hand arts/budo/or aikido, lure us into a false set of emotions that have nothing really to do with budo, or being combat effective.

enough on my ramblings!
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