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Re: Tips for shomen uchi ikkyo ura? anyone?

If you have to do that "drill", then I'd say: You have to open you mid-section up so that the power of your legs/hip movement translates through your arms. Try not to use your arm power at all other than to keep the connection - by figuring out how to keep them pushing on you as opposed to you pushing them around. I would say twist your arm near their wrist in the counter-intuitive direction (opening palm up around your pinky - as you provide a bit of power expanding power starting from your legs) just before you make your positional transition to the outside. Typically, you make the positional transition before physical contact.

How do you stop ikkyo omote by pushing their shoulder? I'm not following that one. When you do ikkyo omote, are you pushing their elbow up, over, across, and then down towards their back foot? I can see that getting stopped or countered. But if your angle cuts straight through between their attacking arm and their head such that your force goes to where their "tail" would be (think kangaroo) and your body is lined up to deliver that cut then no cross lateral (I'm assuming they are pushing with the arm that was not initially attacking) shoulder pushing is going to stop that unless they happen to have something like a kangaroo's tail for stability.

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