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Re: That it works, don't make it good.

Yeah, that's a cool video. I've seen that before, and I love it.


I didn't watch much of the demos except some of the free clips. I agree with your ideas here from the perspective of training a nage to defend themselves from more of the average real world situation. However, what about the perspective of training the uke to actively move to a safer position for them and a more dangerous position for the other person? Techniques change a lot when both uke and nage are doing that. I agree that skilled resistance is important - but I'm thinking about one of the many "skills" of uke. If a training metholodogy gets people moving out of senitivity to danger, that's not all that terrible - as long as - the nage understands that aspect and does not actually depend on it for their actual self defense in a real world situation. I think sometimes training is very good to just focus on being able to do more with less. I just also happen to think that sometimes a really good way to expand my training is to actually draw out and extend the technique being practiced for a long as possible - which challenges me to improve my ability to maintain that fragile connection - which is at the heart of the whole do more with less idea in the first place. I see too many "strong-arm-bandits" in aikido. I don't want people practicing martial nonsense, but I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater either.

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