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Re: Article: Serious Martial Artists by "The Mirror"

My first-kyu sempai asked me, "Mary, do you tell people you do aikido?" I told him yes, when it came up, sometimes even when it didn't exactly come up. He laughed and said that he'd done that too, but the impulse had worn off after the first five years....

So I'm 41, but it's a new thing for me and I'm excited, and wowed, and a little dizzy, and I can see myself quite clearly in your serious young men. Except I'll never be as athletic as they are. But the yearning to show off, to have other people share your experience of "Wow, this is SO COOL and I CAN DO IT"....I get that too.

They'll grow up eventually, but in the meantime it's nice to enjoy their enthusiasm.

(Great story, BTW.)

Mary Kaye
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