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Re: That it works, don't make it good.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I know the jo kata seems to have a prominent place in 'misogi' in at least some interpretations of Ueshiba's aikido (here is an example of a solo 'kata' in aikido, so perhaps you are right). I'm starting to realize that a lot of the references to 'misogi' are ki training of one sort or another...perhaps there would be some tie in to the rest of the practice from that angle?
Well, the old saying is that a weapon is simply an extension of the hand. First you learn to move with ki and kokyu with the hands and body, then you apply that way of movement to a weapon. Usually.

In the case of Aikido, my suggestion would be a person practice Aikido (remember, all this ki-strength stuff without technique, ma-ai, timing, etc., is as wrong as technique without ki-strength) techniques slowly while also doing the Aiki-Taiso and Tai-sabaki repetitively, slowly, and with kokyu-ryoku.... but I would also stress my conviction that correct suburi practice is equally important and productive. The jo can be swung and poked, pulled, etc., with the same body skills, but because of the spinning and stuff, my instinct is to leave the complex jo movements until later and use the bokken as the training weapon of choice. But that's just my opinion.


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