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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Yeah; me too I guess. It's just that I hear the word used too casually too often. Real-life combat is utter savegery. There are no rules, no codes, no honour or achievement. Just kill him. As fast as possible and hopefully as unfairly as possible, from behind if you can, don't give him a chance just kill him. There is no gun movie or slasher flick that even comes close to the horror of the real thing when it gets close and personal. If you win; the trophy is you get to live a bit longer - maybe seconds - nothing else. That's what close combat is. Hey; all power to NHB competition; it's a great venue and I really admire those who excel in it and my admiration truly extends to Mr. DeLucia. But if he thinks the Octagon's combat he's living in a dream world and I don't give a rat's a$$ what the dictionary says.
Sorry if that sounds harsh. MY memories are still too recent to have mellowed. I realize I'm in the minority and these are my opinions only and therefore worthless, but competition and combat are not the same thing; and I still say calling what he does 'combat' demeans Jason's excellent art.

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