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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Dave Organ wrote:
...I agree with your assesment of 'combat' aikido though. I've mentioned this before; and if Jason is reading this; I'd like to make the point directly to him.

The word 'Combat' is advertising; nothing more. False advertising, at that. There are those of us that have seen real-life combat; with all the blood, pain, death and ongoing emotional trauma that combat inflicts. No-one in his right mind would ever advertise a 'combat' system if he knew what combat really was.
As Frank Hale said on another thread a couple years ago re this topic,
Frank Hale wrote:
In a Japanese reference, Delucia's aikido style is called "combat aikido" or "sport aikido."
I got the impression that he chose the name more because from what he'd learned it seemed the most accurate name; marketing has never been his strongest point.

The word "combat" doesn't only mean "a fight to the death" or "a fight in war" or "a fight with deadly weapons." Webster's Unabridged's first definition doesn't even get there til the end:
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary wrote:
a fight; a struggle to resist, overthrow, or conquer; a contest by force; an engagement; an armed battle
I hadn't even realized it was an issue until I heard some vets object. But then, I have also heard from a lot of vets who've also been in action and don't object at all to the use of the word "Combat."

I think Jason DeLucia's point, as he's told me and I've heard him tell others, is that he steps into the ring every time knowing he could get killed or seriously and permanently injured; but that these are the techniques he relies on. He takes this stuff very seriously.

I, for one, am sorry that some of you who have lived through life-and-death combat don't like his use of the term; but I hope you can see that in no way did he mean to be disrespectful.
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