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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I have a few things to say.

to directly help the writer of this thread:

- basically make small bridges when he is winding up for a punch. do not reach for the arm, it just will mess you up, and set you up to get submitted. You just bounce your hips up to throw his weight in the direction of your head. This will cut all of his punching power, and make him rebalance. after you do this you can grab his arm if he posts it on the ground and you will be able to hook the foot on the same side and simply bridge to the side and get to his guard. then just work to stand up and get back to where you are strong.

I think crosstraining would be a smart thing for all martial artists.
- understand when i say this. you need to have a super strong base before you can built up, correct? So make whatever system you like more your base, and just learn enough of the other to escape "get by" This will make you a complete fighter
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