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Thumbs down Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Just got to watch the Combat Aikido series by DeLucia. Very impressive. His techniques are good legitimate Aikido, well explained. His conceptualization and strategy is sound. His application is innovative. Photography is great. The techniques he uses in most of the randori sparring is Aikido or the application of Aikido (blend and take balance) concepts. Very pleasant personable presentation.

A plus or minus is the minimal use of the traditional labels.

I personally, IMHO, question the label of "combat" Aikido. It is definetly Aikido well done. Since he goes for "submission" rather "kill", I simply question the packaging. It is competitive in the full contact resistance sense.

A nice package. My compliments and appreciation. There is, IMHO, something to offer here. I will watch it more and incorporate some into my training. If I get his way, I will certainly stop by.

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