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Re: That it works, don't make it good.

Where did you get the idea that competitive practice=forceful practice or application of waza?
Hi Larry, sorry about this misunderstanding, but it is really not my fault that people inaccurately describe what you do as "competitive aikido" - I'm already convinced based upon prior discussions that while your approach uses competition it is *over-all cooperative* and I have no problem with that. I agree that what you have previously decribed as your practice doesn't fit my statements, but that's really because I think we both agree that what you do is mis-labeled/ or at least impercisely labled - not because my statements are wrong.

I see people training in what they like to believe is *cooperative practice* where they use too much forecefullness in an attempt to be "effective" - all of the time. The fact is that they are missing a main point of aikido development - to be able to do more with less. I totally agree that at some point you should get a sense of does this actually work - or more like - how reliable is this. I'd say the only disagreements we might have would be when in someone's training it might be best to introduce this "testing" of effectiveness - and we might agree there as well.

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