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Re: That it works, don't make it good.

I think the basic question we're seeking to answer here isn't so much what works but more "Could you do it again under different circumstances?"

I don't think many people confuse luck with effective technique. Certainly in the various dojo I've been in a lucky shot has always been labeled a lucky shot. So when we say "this works" or "this doesn't work" what we are really saying is "This can be relied upon" or "this cannot be relied upon". I don't think anyone would claim that a jammy shot makes one a great martial artist. That said winning by a jammy shot doesn't make you any less of a martial artist.

So in referance to the original statement I'd say, just because it worked in this instance doesn't mean it's reliable .
In the wider debate which I suppose is the ever lasting question "Does Aikido work" what needs to be proven is not that Aikido techniques can work in a one off situation but that Aikido techniques can be relied upon. That cannot be proven by debate.
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