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orenb wrote:
Hi all,
I am interested in learning another matrial art in addition to my Aikido training. Which art should i choose?
What appeals to you?

I've been playing around with strikes and have been contemplating something along those lines. Possibly one of the Chinese variants as I like the general nature of what I've seen in a couple of cases (Cheng Hsin in particular). There's also a Jiu Jitsu school run by a hybrid Aikido/Jiu Jitsu instructor that I'd love to train at but then he's about 2 1/2 hours away in Bay Area time and the only day I could make is early Saturday morning.

I have a Gracie (forget which one) school literally within 200 yards of my apartment but I just can't get myself to go visit. I have no doubt it would be great for my study but the interest isn't there.

Do what's fun and interests you.
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