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Re: That it works, don't make it good.

Personally, I think the Kung Fu guy had more than one opportunity to back down and walk away. Plus, he revealed his knowledge WAY too early in the confrontation. It really urks me to see rejects like this fighting over something that probably wasn't that significant in the first place. To me, this is not a proper use of martial arts...they are not meant for fighting some random street punk when you could have easily chosen another way. Now if the other guy would have taken a swing at him right away...I think the situation would have been totally different. Nice punch by the guy in the red shirt, though. From my experiences, most so called "bad@##es" on the street just use the element of suprise, weapons, and numbers to take down an opponent. He is lucky he didn't have a weapon pulled on him when he went into the stance.

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