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These are fair and valid points.
Having said that, O-senseis teachings are not always the teachings of Omoto-Kyo.... or any western religion.
'The sacred spirit' of futomani
Also his belief that he was possessed by 'Ame-no-murakamo-kuki-samuhara' which is distinctly un-Christian, probably.
Would it be fair to say that if ANY religion came up 'against' a man who could not be defeated, he would be hailed as a saint, or cast down as a devil? (In Christian terminology.) Cursed or exalted....
The masters' primary teaching was of peace and harmony. Isn't this a precept of all religion? So perhaps people gravitate towards him because of his aspirations and hopes. To watch old film of him, in his eighties, smiling and destroying the Ki of his attackers, melting the intent but not the person. An ideal that is in the essence of every (supposed) peaceful religion. A gardener. Maybe he was one of the early Humanists

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