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Re: Article: Serious Martial Artists by "The Mirror"

Great story Susan. I've had several experiences of a similar nature years ago. Very entertaining to say the least. One "nineteen year old" kung fu expert came up to Aaron and I when we were training in a park about fifteen years ago. With no introductions, he boldly stated, "I know 200 forms. How many do you know?" I said, "Just a few... I keep having to do the same ones over and over so I can learn them and someday I might get them right." He was very smug and said that his practice was his "way of life" and that he had "mastered" all of the forms he knew...would we like to see him do any of his forms? We said no thanks because we have very little time so we need to practice. He began doing front flips and round-offs as he made his way through the park. The lesson in this story is we had 30 people join us within a month and our first dojo in a new city was born in that park.

Thanks for a great article this month. Please pass on our regards to your group.

Chuck Clark
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