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Michael Meister
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Re: Paying for testing?

Ian Hurst wrote:
I don't know how it works in other dojos, but I also have to put in a lot of effort prior to the test, taking people through bits they're not getting time after time until they're comfortable, doing mock gradings, boning up on parts of the syllabus I may have not touched on for a while and generally subsuming my practice needs for my students. Dammit, I think I'm going to treble the fees and make them walk on lava to show true commitment, I need more me time on the mat!

That's what I pay club fees for. And that is perfectly ok. As for certificates and other bureaucracy stuff, I pay the annual affiliation fee, that's ok too.
But just to have someone to write down, that my Aikido has reached a certain level, or that I may use a differentely colored belt, and that's what specific trading fees would be for me, I wouldn't want to pay, or basically, I would had stopped grading after 4th Kyu.
This doesn't mean grading fees are right or wrong, it's just how it is for me.
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