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Re: St. Louis dojos


From what I've seen of Irene (a demo), you can't go wrong. I train at the St. Louis Ki society. If you wanted to take a class from our head instructor, Mark Rubbert, you'd be out of luck. He doesn't teach (at this time, anyway) the Monday night class, and will be out of town this Tuesday, heading for Ki Society USA's National Conference. I'm not sure who is teaching in his place, but you're still welcome to drop by, if your schedule permits. Click here for our class schedule.

The only other instructor you've mentioned, that I've trained with -- and that would be only once during a seminar -- was Elliot Freeman. My brief summary would be that he's intense, and that his style has the reputation of being "harder," if that's your cup of tea.

Enjoy your stay in St. Louis!

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