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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido


Gentlemen to Gentlemen, thanks. I better understand where your at. Your explanation and effort has not been wasted.

To honor you request. Flashing rank...a temporary affect or humbling experience depending on perspective, and whether I deserve it or not. It is not something I lose sleep over or allow to disturb me. It is equally important for me to maintain balance and harmony, and not let me ego go unchecked to throw me off in those type of situations. I keep in mind I came to them, they didn't come to me. I keep to that mentally. There is no reason of me to be disrespectful, and forget my manners deserving of someone flashing rank or not if they are hosting instructional seminar. I have to also put myself in their shoes. Doing instructional seminars is a risk that opens you to being challenged and criticized. If you are doing something that is at the center of controversy, or is different, you always have a number of people criticizing you and challenging at any and all opportunities. It is understandable that you may be defensively flashing rank to squelch disruptive trouble makers, and not allow them to derail the class with their antics. It maybe justifiable in some cases to flash rank as a defensive tactic to keep control of the class, and insure a pleasurable experience of the others who are sincere. Point is every story has two sides.

Or if it is a person's personality then it is a temporary manageable experience that should be taken with a grain of salt. If not then the angst person who is put out by the situation so much so they carry it with them must realize they need to work on their ego. I stress that strongly to those who have only been training for a couple of years and where flashed rank by someone who has trained longer. You can't get enough practice in humility.
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