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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Dave and Ron,

If you two want to take this thread OT and not make it its own thread, fine by me. If you want to turn this on me by saying I know nothing about Aikido and supporting WTSO that is fine by mean. I can't change your opinions of me by wasting my time on that road. I got other roads to waste time on [friendly chuckle]. Do what you feel you need to do.


I don't think anyone is "turning on you." This is just a discussion - one made up of different points of view. No one is "attacking" anyone. In addition, I would never say you no nothing about Aikido or that whatever you know amounts to nothing.

Please, keep your perspective and please keep your intent to present it as freely as you have been doing. It's great, and it is definitely adding to the thread.

Forums are about people and ideas (mostly ideas) coming together. We don't need to change anyone here, and so we shouldn't feel pressured to do that - nor should we feel a sense of failure when it appears that we are not doing that. We all just share what we share. Sometimes we have things confirmed. Sometimes we come to reflect upon what we know. Sometimes we come to new ways of thinking. Sometimes things go in one ear and out the other. Therefore, I suggest one stick to the grand scheme of things and seek to maintain a healthy distance between one's person and one's ideas as they come to be presented and interpreted on the Internet. This is one way of making sure that trolls don't exist (i.e. do not produce the effect in us by which they are defined) - which seems to be important to you.

Back on topic: Perhaps you can do me the favor of speaking more on the recently raised issue of "rank flashing" as a substitute for clear presentation and/or explanation. I would like to hear your take on that.

Thanks in advance,

David M. Valadez
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