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Re: Paying for testing?

Correct me if I am wrong...

Aikikai tests and certificates
5th kyu (after about 1~1.5 yrs of training)
10,000 yen (a little more than 100 CDN, less than 100 US) for "opening of file"
? yen (about 50 CDN) for test+certificate from Hombu Aikikai
4-3-2-1st kyu
each same (about 50 CDN) each.
Total time from beginning to shodan, about 5.5~7 years.

I think that 30$/ test is not out of line, but like mentioned above, depends on "what it gets you and recognized by whom".

Or you could just say "Thanks, I'm fine. I would prefer not to test. I enjoy just training." and see what the response is.

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