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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

It is of my opinion of WTSO he/she is bashing in a round about way on those who practice post-war Aikido through an experience WTSO had. WTSO is pushing an agenda that isn't mainstream Aikido. I wouldn't take WTSO experience seriously, or with much concern. We all conflict with people on the mat. Personality issues arise, people have different intentions, and a host of other things. You are not going to like everyone you ever come in contact or train with on the mat, deserved or not. It is a part of training. You are also not always going to be convinced of everything you see or experience on the mat, or that of other styles. I personally don't think it is anyone's business what people do on the mat. Each dojo is unique in some respect, interpreting and practicing Aikido as they think best. They should be allowed to do what they do. There is too much Romanticism, sensei worship, and I am better then you ( usually now by keyboard warriors) in the martial arts. There is too much politics, and too much opinion and gossip. Most of all there are far too many cliques and agendas. There are too many people part in the act of sophomoric Internet dojo bashing. Which all points to people who are not focused on Aikido, but rather themselves. If Aikido has a problem, this is surely a consideration and gets my vote.

Dave and Ron,

If you two want to take this thread OT and not make it its own thread, fine by me. If you want to turn this on me by saying I know nothing about Aikido and supporting WTSO that is fine by mean. I can't change your opinions of me by wasting my time on that road. I got other roads to waste time on [friendly chuckle]. Do what you feel you need to do.
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