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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

David Hood wrote:
Oh - did I mention kihon waza.
I hope this is not too OT, but I would like to ask what exactly the term kihon waza means. I know it means "basic techniques" (right?), but what exactly does that mean? It may sound silly, but we do not use this term much in our organisation and I am interested in learning itīs proper definition.

I think learning basic techniques is very important, especially for beginners. But also now and then it brings out great learning experiences if people are challanged with really advanced stuff that might actually be well over their heads. At least I feel that way myself.

I have trained under people who plan their lessons carefully and others who go in and let practice flow as it comes. Both can be great. What I find most important, is that the teacher feels comfortable with their teaching style. Every teacher has a different personality and therefore a different approach to teaching. I donīt think that necessarily means that some of them are more and others less serious about teaching.

For me, a "serious" teacher is one who is passionate about the topic (in this case aikido) and about helping others to develop. Interest in the students and their learning processes, knowing where the student is at and what kind of help they need would also make a teacher "serious" to me. Not just in aikido.
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