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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

I have been following this thread with some interest and have decided to add my observations.

Its interesting that the original poster has come in for a lot of criticism. In my experience even people who do not practice Aikido can make a judgement about the effectiveness and qualityof what they are seeing. The comparison would be if we see a world class football (soccer to our American friends) player perform we can make a judgement although we may not be players ourselves.

Secondly I find the instructors reaction telling. Again experience tells me that most instructors would have asked the student to take ukeme, made an effective technique and then explained why they weren't doing it that way. Usually if they don't do that it's because they can't.

When I am taking seminars, particularly for a different association I choose the biggest, strongest uke I can find for the first technique. This usually gets the class "on my side" and they tend to be more receptive to me when I use a more gentle approach later on.

As a finishing aside, I was practising on a friends class some years ago. She was teaching a bunch of beginners ai-hamni Nikkyo and one of the guys (about 19 very macho) decided that it was totally ineffective. She asked me to take ukeme for schomen-uchi while explaining that this what the present technique progressed to; and used him as uke to very slowly apply the basic technique (explaining all of the time that resistance only leads to pain) and his expression as the technique immobilised him and hurt was a joy to behold.

There was no damage no "posturing" and no lecturing but that guy became her biggest advocate thereafter.

Just one soultion and opinion.
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