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Hi again, Dallas, hope with all that training it means your wrist is feeling better. I'm just a beginner, and so take my words with a grain of salt, but I think to find real Aikido you look inside your heart, not a travel guide. There are wonderful teachers in Japan, I've been there but not studied there, but have attended their seminars here. There are wonderful teachers in the US, too, and I don't think the thing that makes a teacher great is his rank, or even his teacher. Like you, I've found plenty of people I can learn so much from right here, without ever pulling out my passport. It might be interesting to train in another country (if for no other reason to have the language challenge), and perhaps for some really far along in their training they feel the need to travel there. But consider this: I know of at least three (probably more) senseis who were direct students of O Sensei, who are living and teaching in the US for many years now. Who might be more authentic, them here, or a third-generation trained sandan in Japan? again, lots of other things also go into a good teacher, but where they live does not seem so important to me. Besides, sushi is much cheaper here .
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