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food for thought ( maybe not... hey that rhymes!)

I just wanted to get my thoughts on the web.. first off I love all the post and look at how many post people have and wow some of you people have fast fingers! where can I learn that?? oh well i just have 60 or so post but i am going my own pace that is what aikido is all about! anyhow.. .... I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers and sensis of Aikido and other martail arts because it is summer and I train more and I thought if it hadnt been for the people after o sensi then aikido would be dead! so thank you all sensi! I also wanted to post a question.

have any of you been to the home land of Aikido ( I cant really spell jappane right or did I?) and then gone to other countries and found a different quality of Aikido?? does location matter or is it more dependent on the sensi?

I was just wondering because I never really known many sensi who have been to jappan except Jacques Payet (5th dan Yoshinkan) and his aikido is incredable so.... also some people say I would go to jappane to get real aikido not from here and I say well... there are a lot of talented non jappenes teachers who have not been to jappan ( I know because all the sensi couldnt have gone to jappan to study and wow quality aikido is great in some!!)

well just me rambling trying to make conversation.. hope nobody takes any offence arigoto for your time

Dallas Adolphsen
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