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Re: Value of atemi

Dustin Acuff wrote:
LOL I just looked at the link for the animated atemi. That is a far cry from the atemi I have seen. It looks as if no strike is really even applied, more a movement of center and a appropriatey placed cut.
And they all can just as easily be applied as percussive strikes to damage bone, nerve and tissue structures. They are strike throws (which are a lot more powerful than strikes that stop at the point of contact). The point is to show that a strike can be a throw very easily with proper timing, body movement and distance control (all elements of both DR and Aikido).

It sounds like what you are referring to is atemi as finishing strikes rather than as initiating strikes or balance taking strikes (it's good to specify), which, though seen in many DR applications tend not to be as popular in many Aikido applications (except the typical shomen uchi to the face finish for pins). But then this is what one may get when asking DR questions on an Aikido forum.


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