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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Spirituality: The physical fitness and exercise I get out of it, plus the team work, comraderie, etc, leads to me being a more well rounded and fulfilled person. That is, happy. Happiness is spirituality for many, or at least the endstate of it. I see it somewhat related to fun and competition. You cannot be spiritually fulfilled with a sick body, and a unhealthy mind. The old masters seemed to understand this, therefore, we have "THE WAYS".
We're looking at spirituality differently then. I don't think just feeling happy is spiritual. I think of spirituality as something intangible, something to do with the spirit (ie, religion or relating to religion).

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Self Defense: What are you concerned about that you might need to defend yourself against?
I'm not worried about self defense. As I said I train for fun. I just brought up self defense because that is why many others train.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I appreciate why you study aikido, just want to offer a different view, and maybe some further dissection.
I've tried to make this clear before, but I don't train in aikido. I'm hear to read and learn about it, and discuss stuff that I think I know enough about to post my opinion.
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