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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

[/quote]I train for fun and competition. Spirituality and religion aren't necessary for my goals, or for the goals of people who train for self defense.[quote]

Fun and Competition: So you get something out of it that makes you feel good or fulfilled? I actually train for these reasons too. Nothing wrong with that!

Spirituality: The physical fitness and exercise I get out of it, plus the team work, comraderie, etc, leads to me being a more well rounded and fulfilled person. That is, happy. Happiness is spirituality for many, or at least the endstate of it. I see it somewhat related to fun and competition. You cannot be spiritually fulfilled with a sick body, and a unhealthy mind. The old masters seemed to understand this, therefore, we have "THE WAYS".

I just bought a guitar, and I am learning to play it. I contend that it too can be somewhat spiritual and meditative. I don't apply the concept of religion to spirituality.

Religion: Has nothing to do with aikido for most. especially me. Don't think you meant to, but you sort of took me out of context.

Self Defense: What are you concerned about that you might need to defend yourself against? IMHO, there are much better ways to mitigate risk than the miniscule skills that you get out of a empty hand martial art such as aikido. Self defense is a very emotional paradigm.

I appreciate why you study aikido, just want to offer a different view, and maybe some further dissection.

I contend that at the most basic level, most of us, actually probably get the same things out of the art, just label it differently!

Good discussion!
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