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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

John, sorry, had to play devils advocate again...

You want to train in aikido but take out the spiritual component
other threads/polls have touched on this, this is really too personal a thing to quantify and many, if not most, would feel uneasy actually teaching it explicitly.
the self-improvement component
again, the self-improvement is down to the practitioner, not because of their practice so I don't rank this as a good reason for aikido
and the cultural component.
the only area I used to agree with the cultural component was to have a "universal language" so practice amongst dojos was easy - sort of got blown away for me by the lack of consistent terminology used across styles (plus the difference between Geordie and Yorkshire accents). These days my dojonese is part habit mainly ease of use.
Why are you practicing aikido
can I get back to you on this one in a few more years, I still haven't answered it to my own satisfaction. Sad thing is if I do I may stop...
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