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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Phillip Kirkan wrote:
How likely are you to be wearing it when you get attacked? At least some of the stuff that requires a grip on a gi or kurtka can be applied on street clothes.
My street clothes are (a) still not the same as what I wear to practice, and (b) slightly tighter. So not quite the same thing.

Yes it does. However the first three paragraphs give you a definition that can easily be explained without mysticism.
However, if that is not the WHOLE definition, then you are still falling short.

Now you're not making sense. This is "". This thread is about aikido. We are discussing aikido. Yet you want to talk about FMA?
No. The point I am trying to make is that my persepctive on Aikido has been shaped by my experiences OUTSIDE it. When I talk about preserving part of a culture, I got that from Kali and Serak, and my Kali instructor never said their were exceptions.

In fact, my experiences in Kali have shaped my posts since I joined Aikiweb. Bit late now to complain about it.

It possibly can, but so can gardening or playing chess. Martial arts were not developed for self improvement.
Neither were chess or gardening if it comes to it.
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