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Last year I clipped an article out of the newspaper that detailed new research about how humans learn. The main point was that we need a period of rest to incorporate new physical skills into our brains for retrieval later on. This allows the skill to be recorded in such a way that it starts to become reflex. That is, after the skill is incorporated then we can perform it without thinking about how to perform. During this rest time it's important not to learn any other new skills or these will overwrite the one we want to keep. The authors of the research discovered that the best way to learn a new athletic skill is to practice it, then go to bed. That works well for me because my aikido club meets in the evenings and sometimes I'm tired enough to go straight to bed after hitting the showers. Hmmm. If this is the best schedule for learning aikido, I kind of hate to think about how slow my progress would be if I practiced in the morning, instead.

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