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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Yann Golanski wrote:
The Resistance element adds a level of realism that cannot be there in kata work ...Even the army and marines in the US use games and competition to train for combat...BTW: getting into a fight to test your Aikido is dump. A knife wound can kill you, paralyse you or do a whole array of things you __really__ do not want done to your body....
I see your point and agree to some extent. Although I think different training methods are always good to try out, IMO training 'against resistance' excessively is generally poor training because you are training to force a technique through whereas really you should have a larger focus (if you focus on e.g. the wrist, it is easy to get battered by the opponents other limbs) and also you are training yourself to fight the resistance rather than use it. Generally in our club we train to change technique if sufficient resistance is applied, not to try and force a technique on in which they know what you are trying to do (which I don't actually believe is really possible with someone stronger than you). This is not to say the attacks shouldn't be very forceful.

The military (and the police) do train against resistance to some extent, but they also do suprising little unarmed self-defence (at least in the UK - & I don't know about special forces). They are really just learning techniques. I do see aikido as a step beyond that. We learn techniques, but we are training to be fluid and responsive and to be able to change and adapt whenever resistance is encountered.

Agree with your point about getting into fights, but I just think the psychology of real combat and of competition are just very different.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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