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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Wendy Rowe wrote:
Are you referring to peng lu chi an or something else?

I had the good fortune a year and a half ago of meeting a local taiji teacher who is classically trained in external and internal arts and has been studying karate and taiji/qigong for over 25 years, so I've been studying with him and reading books he's recommended since that first class. It's nice to see how things tie together. Everything I learn in the internal arts has been helping me tremendously in my study of aikido and karate.
Hi Wendy:

The 4 things are called the 4 polarities and they're mentioned earlier in the thread in relation to motion-stillness, expansions-contraction, etc.

I don't know you and I don't know your teacher, so I'm just making a very neutral remark and I mean it to be helpful for your general knowledge... it's almost impossible that someone could be doing external and internal martial arts at the same time. Doing an "internal" art means that you have totally re-trained the way that you move so that it is instinctive (which is why the starting Taiji forms are done so slowly). If it's instinctive, you can't switch back and forth. If you see my point.



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