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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

If some nut, like Kano, wanted to pretend it was something more, then he was just fooling himself. You don't have that sport-turned-religion-problem in America, because in the United States we have the Bible which is far greater Spiritually and philosophically than anything the Asians have ever produced. They are so starved for any type of spiritual or philosophical enlightenment, that they would worship ping-pong if they thought it would help (in china many of their ping-pong champions actually have stated that ping-pong is a "way" (do) of life.)
This has got to be the most idiotically childish, ethnocentrically arrogant and intellectually bankrupt comment I've heard so far from Mr Beetle. This is the very reason the Asians refuse to teach the "round-eye".... to whom he owes a debt of respect and gratitude for the rich cultural heritage.

Jun, can we have this troll banned....Please?

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