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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

The ONLY point I have been making is that there is a philosophical and spiritual aspect to Judo as well, it is simply MORE than a collection of techniques.

Judo is not a religion. It is not a spiritual journey. It is not a philosophy of life.

Judo is jacketed wrestling.

If some nut, like Kano, wanted to pretend it was something more, then he was just fooling himself. You don't have that sport-turned-religion-problem in America, because in the United States we have the Bible which is far greater Spiritually and philosophically than anything the Asians have ever produced. They are so starved for any type of spiritual or philosophical enlightenment, that they would worship ping-pong if they thought it would help (in china many of their ping-pong champions actually have stated that ping-pong is a "way" (do) of life.)

Judo is not that important. Judo will never be that important. If a person came to my dojo, and had this view of Judo, then I would tell them that they were foolish.

I tell you the truth, I have known people to give up happiness for Judo and they have been miserable ever since.

But, what can we expect. When nuts like Ueshiba and Kano get so drunk on their own ego, and on that which they think they conjured up (which we all know neither one invented either system, but eclectically combined what they thought was important.)
we can expect a whole slew of fools to follow them mindlessly. Do I have a picture of Kano in my dojo so that students can bow to it. To hell with that. Kano was just a man. A man who liked to wrestle. I would easily give up Judo if some idiot told me I had to bow to a picture of a wrestler. I do not bow when I get on the mat, and I do not bow to my opponent. Bowing is a leftover from mystical days of paying homage, respect, and worship to the many deities that are supposed to be present on the mat and in each of us. I do not bow because I do not hold to such Asian religious views.

If you want to be a better person, then don't study Judo or Aikido.
If you want to be a better person, then study the Bible.

Bowing before you wrestle is like making the sign of the cross before you eat. I am not Catholic, so you are not going to see me do that either. Take your religious superstitions to the idiots who agree with them

If I want to know if it is wrong to beat someone up, then I don't ask some sensei who knows Aikido or Judo. I read the Bible and find out what it says concerning this subject.
Thats right, you don't have to practice shihonage a thousand times to discover it is wrong to hurt another person. You can read the Gospels and never have to break a sweat.

Note that many people practiced fighting systems in the Bible, but they did not learn their theology from their wrestling (Jacob wrestled in Genesis for a submission). They practiced sword fighting and spear fighting quite often, but they got their theology not from such practices, but from revelation. Warfare is just one tool. It has its small place in the larger world view of man. It is not that important.

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