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Re: Aiki Doh's

A story from about two months ago...

I am still trying to figure out atemi. Not doing atemi, but receiving them...

We were working on this technique were uke comes in with a yokomen-uchi, and nage does an atemi similar to a yokomen-uchi on the uke's opposite side. Uke goes backwards to not get thwacked, and takes a backwards breakfall.

Sensei had stopped us to give some instruction to my partne while I was uke. While he watched, I attacked my partner, had a weird feeling in my face, and then notied I was on the ground! I totally didn't react, took the atemi, and well.. it worked! I went straight down.

My partner: Oops, sorry!
Sensei: Thomas, are you ok?
Me (Getting up): Yes, I am good!

Then I tripped over myself trying to get up!

Then I got a brief, and apparently needed lesson on the importance of avoiding getting struck.

Later in class, Sensei surprised me with a yokomen strike, and I managed to not get thwacked this time
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