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Adam Alexander
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Re: Value of atemi

Dustin Acuff wrote:
So the question is this: [1]why should/is atemi (be) used when not only does it allow for your own center to be taken it also creates a liability to the practitioner? [2] and what is the value of atemi in our modern society?
1) it's the same as any other technique, there's a right time and place to apply it. You wouldn't tenkan when it's time to irimi, would you? Neither should you atemi when the situation doesn't call for it.

2)You mean the modern society that still has murder, rape, robbery, abductions, etc.?

As there's a balance in everything, there's a balance between good and evil doers--this "modern society" hasn't done away with the need to defend oneself--nor, will the day soon come when it isn't beneficial to be able to defend one's self.
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