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Adam Alexander
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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Just my two cents (from a Shioda Sensei lineage):

1)You never really understand a technique until you practice it...a lot!!

I wouldn't hate on the fruities--even if they're weird, Aikikai people I've known think we're weird for making so much noise when we roll. I think they're weird because they don't make noise when they roll

2) Other arts think we're weird for using cooperative ukes.

Aren't you experiencing the same thing?--hating because their ukes are too pliable?

Again, there's reason for their way as much as there's a reason for our Shumatsu-dosa.

3)Sure, she was rude to you.

I used to work with a guy who did that...and he was a total aiki-hack. He couldn't understand a technique if you put the principles and applications on a chalk-board. Amazing, he'd talk smack about Aikido--how techniques wouldn't work...and then spend half of the hour nit-picking my technique (you know, twenty corrections per technique).

I don't blame you for having a problem with her. However, I offer this...If everyone called you fruity, wouldn't you be defensive?

We see this with Aikidoka all the time. Everyone's concerned with the "effectiveness" of Aikido techniques.

She's just extreme.

Hope your next seminar gives you as much experience as that one did.
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