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Re: Aiki Doh's

My best moment was definitely off the mat. It was a few days before Thanksgiving. My wife and I were putting together a dinner for our friends. (I think we ended up with close to 40 people in our house for dinner.) This involved moving lots of furniture and setting up several 8' tables. When all of the furniture was out and only one table was up there was about a good 20' stretch of our hardwood floors that was exposed. I had only been practicing about 2 months and as such thought I had mastered forward ukemi. To finish setting the scene. The one table that was setup was on the far side of the room off to my left. I decided to find out if rolling on hardwood floors would hurt. On the positive side rolling on the hardwood didn't hurt, it was noisy, but didn't hurt. The sudden impact of my head hitting the edge of the 8' table when my roll went a little to the left did. Thankfully it was early enough in the day that only 2 of our friends were there to witness my talented display.
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