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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Red Beetle:
have heard lectures about Aikido experts entering trances and being able to do all sorts of strange things. One of my teachers had a student to meditate for about ten minutes on a word that he spoke to him silently. At the end of that time he extinguished several red hot cigars on the man's hand and tongue. The man was not burned. He appealed to mysticism as the source of such power in the presence of a large audience. Later he explained to me that this was a popular trick to entice unsuspecting people to join up. When I asked him if this was dishonest, he replied, "Beetle, combat is about deception. If the people think you have supernatural powers, then they will fear what they do not understand. You will have a psychological edge on them if combat with them should ever become a possibility. Use the enemies superstition to their disadvantage." I will not name the master who told me this, nor his affiliation. He was also a master of Judo, and Kendo. He was not American and he commanded great respect from his colleagues. He used Mysticism to sell his product and to scare the locals, and many of his students. He only revealed these secrets (he called them tricks) to those he felt would one day work for him. I could list other examples he used in front of crowds to magically impress them. I hope this one example helps you to understand why I think such mysticism can be eliminated without hurting Aikido itself, but rather, improving the technique.
I'd like a vote to find out how many on this site have experienced something even remotely like this in aikido. If this is your vision of aikido, then you are correct about what you are defining as "mysticism". What is this????

I'd say you have no experience in any hombo affiliated aikido if this is where you are drawing your experience from. As such, you have not to date demonstrated that you have any knowledge of aikido, nor are qualified to discuss the merits.

Several of us have stated our position that if you remove the "DO" aspects from aikido, you no longer have aikido, it is something else. As Mark Johnson pointed out as well several post up.

I'd highly recommend that you go train what you like to train and leave aikido to aikidoka.

I train in other things, and incorporate the lessons in them to develop me as a martial artist, but do not expect aikido to be anything other than it is. Yes it has things that do not fit my goals, and things that are lacking in it to meet my goals.

Can you not accept the fact that aikido is a DO art and not a SU art, therefore if you strip out the DO, you no longer have the "WAY" to peace and harmony. It is not about combat period.

You have your opinion and are entitled to it .
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