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Re: Value of atemi

Within aiki-jitsu, as far as I am aware, there used to be 3 levels of training. The first level extensively employed atemis, the second level less so, and the most advanced was just blending. I think being aware of atemis is more useful than practising them extensively - If a technique buggers up, you should still be in a good position to strike them. Ideally though, I believe the technique should be short and sharp (although some techniques can and do employ atemis with no loss of speed - though I believe this is mostly for distraction than for anything serious).

Strikes to jaw, floating ribs, side of neck, back of neck and sternum all seem like pretty serious atemis to me though (if you can strike effectively enough). A strike to the neck can seriously stun someone (or knock them out), although the effectiveness depends on alot of factors. Often though, I think strikes just allow some stunning before applying a more dangerous or controlling technique. e.g. military unamred training tends to focus on strikes to the neck until attacker is a bit dazed and then throwing and choking/breaking neck/kicking head. (nice?)

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