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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Is there any point arguing?

Nothing will change from this topic except maybe he will just get angrier, through no-one's fault. He has no serious learning in aiki or aikido, he can't communicate properly on the subject.

We could have the brightest Aikido lights on the net come here and post but surely the real response has to be...

just train

Mr Beetle - just train. If Aikido annoys you then don't do it. Perhaps you should ask yourself honestly why you are posting here.
Please don't tell me that it is to further the cause of Aikido by turning it into something you would like.

You are claiming to know what goes on in Aikido but you post such things as
Why not beat them up?
Does Aikido teach an effective moral reason as to why we should not beat people up?
Perhaps you should just enjoy your own training.

peace (hope that doesn't enrage you)

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