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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Mr. Collier,

When you started this thread, you commented specifically on the usefulness of breathing techniques, meditation, the relation of Aikido being "love," morality, and pacifism. All of these are various aspects of the philosophy of Aikido as a whole.

In post number 95, you say that the topic is "Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward"

In post number 214 you say "I am claiming that mysticism does not add to the construction of good technique, nor the perfecting of it."

I must admit your use of logic baffles me. How the topic changed from the philosophy of Aikido, to only the mysticism of Aikido, to only how mysticism affects the construction and perfection of technique eludes me. I find is suspicious that these narrowings of the topic occur conveniently at times where you can accuse another's argument of being off topic, but what do I know. I simply cannot keep up with your masterful use of reason, and I must bow out.

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