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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Michael Stuempel wrote:

This is the type of blanket statement that I am sorry to find. As I stated in a couple of my posts, I also don't think that "Mysticism" has a place in the dojo in the Aikido that I have grown to understand.

However...I really want to know how prevelant "mysticisim / irrationalism" is within Aikido.

If you say "...taught in more than a few Aikido dojos" does that mean 3 or 4 out of the thousands of Aikido dojos out there or does that mean a huge percentage.

I have never trained in a dojo where there is mysticism being spouted by the instructor. Of course, I have only visited a dozen or so dojos, been to a few seminars...and trained in 5 different ones for a long period of time.

Does this mean I've just been lucky with my choices? or does it mean that you have been misinformed or perhaps unlucky in your choices?

One wonders...

--Michael...desperately trying to get back to lurk mode...but blanket statements will probably almost always maybe get me out of hiding

I don't believe in luck, so maybe you have been blessed.

Red Beetle
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