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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Phillip Kirkan wrote:
If you look at the gi or kurtka as equipment used in a sport, then it's fine to have them. Is the hakama used for any purpose in aikido or aikido competitions?.....
Legend has it it's worn to conceal the footwork. Kendo people also wear them; feel free to grill them.

Explain it as correct posture, timing, and technique (as it's explained in Total Aikido) and the problem is solved. 'Ki' is still there, minus the mysticism that usually surrounds it.

I happen to have a copy of TOTAL AIKIDO right here, and you're right, on page 17, he does explain it the way you describe.

Then in the fourth paragraph it gets more "mystical."

So even the Yoshinkan people aren't totally free of that side of things. And it means there's more to ki than timing, etc.

Problem not solved.

Where did I say anything about fighting anyone? I was talking about aikido, not FMA by the way ....
Well, Guro Dan and Maha Guru Victor were the "masters" I was talking about, not Aikido masters. Their teachings as relayed through Guro/Pembantu Andrew Astle are what are influencing my views, not something from some hypothetical uber mystical Aikido sensei. That's how I'm approaching Aikido, and that's how I'm approaching this issue -- not from something from the Japanese, but something from FMA.

Yes, learning the best ways to kill someone with a knife is a GREAT way to improve yourself... Do you honestly think that filipino martial arts were developed for self improvement?
Nope. But do you think FMA training doesn't lead to self improvement?

Oh, and do you think FMA doesn't have a spiritual side? Do you think FMA people don't take respect very seriously? Or that FAM instructors aren't passionate in preserving part of their culture?

Guess what, the answer is "yes" on all counts.
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