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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Some Sensei have never been in a fight and have been taught by Sensei who themselves have never been in a fight and neither had their Sensei. This doesn't stop them telling you how someone will respond to your throw .....
Hey, I was beaten up (my "fight" experience) a few times growing up, one time attacked outside the school by someone I'd considered my friend; another time when I was 13, I was cutting through a gym on my way to class and this kid I'd never seen before kept attacking me as I tried to get across it. To this day I don't know who it was or why he did it. But I still listen to all my instructors, including my Aikido instructors. (And I never cut through that gym again.)

I've been lectured about the errors of kicking by Aikidoka that have no clue how to throw a kick themselves and to prove their point they demonstrate with an uke that doesn't know how to throw a kick, much less how they should be used properly in a fight ....
Depends on what the "errors" are.
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