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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

[quote][quote=Michael Gallagher]
Monty Collier wrote:

You can do that, but should you? Was your sensei the exception or the rule in not mentioning Judo's history (or at least in not giving you a handout that outlined it right away)?
The point of the this thread is that you can eliminate mysticism and advance Aikido. I am glad to see that you now agree. You are right when you bring up the topic of SHOULD we eliminate mysticism. I would say yes, but others might not.

They still wear gis and use a Japanese name.
As we talked about earlier, you can change the name and still have the content. Here, the Brazilians have kept the name 'Jiu-jitsu', but have altered much of the content and stratagems. This is interesting.

What's also obvious is he is not using the words "intellectual process" the way you do. What you refer to as the intellectual process of learning a technique he calls a "training program."
Then disregard my comments if they do not apply.

And since he's been doing Aikido for about 30 years -- that's what, longer than you've been alive -- I have a hunch he may be right about two or three things.
Maybe, but an appeal to numbers is a fallacy (ad populum). It is always better to be right because you are right, not because your 60 years old (or have been doing something 35 years, and so on).

Well, then, you needn't worry about me because he explains it verbally quite well.
Good for you.

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