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Mike Sigman
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Bryan Bowman wrote:
Well, it could just be that since ki/qi is a catch-all phrase for essentially unknown phenomina, as you've been arguing on the forum, that it's therefore not a surprise that all these developements are based on the ki/qi paradigm, since they all occur in Asian countries?
Although qi/ki is a catchall term, it's contents are more specifically delineated than that. There is a set correlation between ki, acupuncture meridians, strength, and so on. It's not a shotgun term to the "anything goes" extent.
Of course, we have no way of knowing. My point being that while OSensi had developed ki skills extensively in one area - harmonising, and motion towards stillness, he may have had very little ability in other areas of what are also ki skills.
Very true. However, that's not uncommon.... if often occurs, because of all the secrecy, that some people know the basics and a few unusual aspects; other people know also the basics, but their addititive aspects are different.


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