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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

[quote=Monty Collier][quote]
Michael Gallagher wrote:

Your remarks presuppose that people learn through their senses. I do not believe that people learn through their senses. I am not an empiricist.

It is no safe guide to rely upon one or more of your senses. They all can deceive you. It may look like I can pass his guard, but it turns out I cannot. It may feel like he doesn't have my arm in bad position, but it turned out that it was in even worse position than I thought. I didn't hear him tapping, but it turned out that he was, and I snapped his elbow regardless. Sensations cannot be trusted in wrestling ....
Fine. Then how do you tell which techniques to apply? If sensory input doesn't tell you what to do, then what does?

We are talking about improving the technique itself, not aiding the existing technique.
Well, then what are you talking about?
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